Ilona Jantti, Muualla Elsewhere

Bloomberg SPACE and The Place

Performance: Friday 18th November 2011, 6:30pm
Last in the series of COMMA commissions at Bloomberg SPACE, The Place, the UK’s premier centre for contemporary dance, presents COMMA 40, the first ever series of dance installations at Bloomberg. The Place’s choreographers will inhabit the gallery, showcasing the broad and diverse practices of contemporary dance with an array of site-specific installations, performances, film screenings and impromptu one-off dances, offering an unprecedented insight into the creative process of dance artists.

Ilona Jantti, Muualla/Elsewhere
6.30pm & 7.15pm. Duration: 15 mins

An innovative mix of animation, circus and dance Elsewhere is a collaboration between architect/animator Tuula Jeker and circus artist/choreographer Ilona Jäntti. Jeker’s stylish, graphic animated designs form an interactive backdrop for Ilona’s effortlessly elegant aerial performance.

Supported by Arts Council of Finland, Helsinki Festival/Night of the Arts, The Samuel Huber Foundation and Jacksons Lane.

Choreography & Performance:
Ilona Jäntti

Tuula Jeker

Music & Sound Design:
Tuomas Norvio

Lighting Design:
Ainu Palmu