Kabinett der abstrakten

Goshka Macuga

Exhibition Dates: 4 October – 29 November 2003
Polish artist Goshka Macuga creates installations that engage with ideas of the role of the curator, the artist and the collector. By bringing together other people’s work and collections in sculptural environments Macuga examines ideas of authorship and creativity.

Reflective of a culture where value is transitory and determined by attention and desire, Macuga samples history, movements, styles and ideas. Driven by personal enthusiasm and a sense of contemporary relevance, she gathers together borrowed images and objects for the short period of an exhibition and then returns them to their owners and personal collections. Installed on and inside the sculptural structures, and staged within installations that transform gallery spaces, the places she establishes for display pay homage to the visions of specific individuals as well as generic natural places. The collected items range from historical modernist art works to contemporary and outsider art, from antiques and antiquities to the newly purchased object. All are chosen because of their relationship to each other and how they are to be collected or shown.

For Bloomberg SPACE Macuga created a large installation in which visitors were first welcomed and taken along by a host before continuing through the work at their own pace to explore and discover, or simply spend some time.


David Risley
Sacha Craddock
Stephen Hepworth
Graham Gussin