L’Air du Temps

John Armleder, Peter Fischli & David Weiss, Michael Landy, Haim Steinbach, Thomas Struth

Exhibition Dates: 17 May – 12 July 2003
L’Air du Temps aimed to extend the relationship between art and writing by placing texts in the gallery along with the actual art work to which they related as equal parts of the same exhibition.

A variety of contributors were invited to participate in the exhibition. They ranged from novelists, artists, critics and curators. From regular visitors to those based elsewhere who may never have seen the show or space. Provided with images of the work and the gallery, the writers were invited to respond in whatever way they wished. Some chose to directly engage with the work, while others were more elliptical. The spare selection and installation of very particular art works encouraged the space for contemplation and interpretation.

Individually printed texts and images were freely available to be read, considered, collected or ignored by the visitor. These, along with colour reproductions of the work, allowed the viewer to extend the relationship between individual works as well as open imaginative possibilities both during and after the exhibition itself. Contributors, Juan Vincente Aliaga, Nicholas Bourriaud, Louisa Buck, A.S. Byatt, JJ Charlesworth, Patricia Ellis, Heather Galbraith, Mark Gisbourne, Hari Kunzru, Harland Miller, Mark Haworth-Booth, Raimundas Malasuskas, Dale McFarland, Catherine Millet and Matt Thorne responded to a silver gelatin print by Thomas Struth of a streetscene in Tokyo, a wall text installation by Haim Steinbach, a small perspex sculpture by John Armleder, a wall piece made from folded tarpaulin by Michael Landy and a video work by Fischli & Weiss.

David Risley
Sacha Craddock
Stephen Hepworth
Graham Gussin