Within: new photographic portraits

Roderick Buchanan, Sarah Jones, Muzi Quawson and Poppy de Villeneuve

Exhibition Dates: 12 December 2008 – 7 February 2009
Within, an exhibition of new photographic series by four artists, came out of a completely open, yet at the same time quite specific brief. Asked to consider ‘the group’ as their subject but to represent the individuals within that group, each artist, already known for working with varying levels of representation, spent some time thinking about whom they might like to portray and why. Within posed questions about how an individual is seen as part of a larger body and how that body or type might be represented by an individual. How, when we look at a portrait, do we see beyond a notion of type?

Muzi Quawson chose to picture members of the family of a friend in western Georgia, USA resulting in a series exuding real intimacy. Each person was pictured in his or her context in order to reveal the objective behind the artist’s attention to become clear. Roderick Buchanan continued his series of works that picture common factors which bring together otherwise disparate people and beliefs. For Within Buchanan pictured individuals from a Scottish loyalist flute band who had chosen to come together, through common belief and upbringing, to make a collective sound. Poppy de Villeneuve created a set of photographs that show the particularity of the individual within the context of a family, more specifically the sameness and differences within the gene pool of a family with sextuplets. By complete contrast Sarah Jones created a subtle yet unsettling series of clothed portraits of female life models. These subjects, so accustomed to being looked at anyway, project a strong sense of absence.


Sacha Craddock
Graham Gussin
Vanessa Desclaux