Do Ho Suh

28 July 2021 – 22 Jan 2022

Exhibition overview

Located on the ground floor of the London Mithraeum, Bloomberg SPACE aims to showcase the best in contemporary art whilst bringing fresh perspectives to the history of this unique site.

Our second commission of 2021 was Proposal for Sach’ŏnwang-sa, by internationally renowned artist, Do Ho Suh.

The commission was inspired by the resonance between the Roman Temple of Mithras, on which Bloomberg SPACE is situated, and the ancient Korean temple, Sach’ŏnwang-sa, built circa 670 AD. Suh’s large-scale sculpture offers a poetic reimagining of Sach’ŏnwang-sa, an emergency structure which, though shrouded in mystery, is known to have been made from ‘colourful silk’.

The exhibition invited audiences to consider one of ancient Korea’s most significant, but enigmatic, archaeological sites while examining the concept of home and how it is formed. For Suh, the spaces we inhabit contain psychological energy, and his work makes visible markers of memory, personal experience and the need for sanctuary.

(4:14) Helen Chiles at London Mithraeum’s Bloomberg SPACE introduces Do Ho Suh’s artwork and the parallels it draws between an ancient Korean silk temple and the Roman Temple of Mithras.

Do Ho Suh
b. 1962, Seoul

Do Ho Suh works across various media, creating drawings, film, and sculptural works that confront questions of home, displacement, memory, individuality, and collectivity. Suh is renowned for his fabric sculptures that reconstruct to scale his former homes in Seoul, Rhode Island, Berlin, New York, and now London. Suh is interested in the malleability of space in both its physical and metaphorical forms, and examines how the body relates to, inhabits, and interacts with that space.

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