We have developed an education programme that can be enjoyed either on-site or virtually from your school. Aimed at KS2 and facilitated by experts, the multi-sensory sessions are fun, playful experiences, encouraging exploration, imagination, and collaboration.

Each session will:

  • Provide an exciting and memorable experience supporting the National Curriculum
  • Develop observation, questioning and prediction skills, challenging pupils to think critically
  • Enhance pupils’ understanding of the past and the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain
  • Unlock the secrets of Roman London and discover what life was like 2,000 years ago

Pupils with special educational needs don’t miss out, as the sessions can be tailored to pupils’ individual requirements.

Interactive virtual workshop –
Explore three Roman London Sites

In partnership with the City of London and Culture Mile Learning , we are delighted to offer a live, interactive multi-sensory workshop that enables students to virtually explore three important Roman sites in London:

  • London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE
  • London’s Roman Amphitheatre
  • Billingsgate Roman House and Baths

This 60-minute session challenges pupils to think critically and enhance their understanding of the past, unlocking the sights and smells of Roman London as they explore the accompanying replica artefact box, which we donate to each participating school.

On-site workshop

Our on-site workshops give you and your pupils exclusive access to London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE, with enhanced safety measures in place to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe experience.

The workshop, facilitated by an experienced educator, will see your pupils become archaeologists and investigate real Roman artefacts. They will uncover the first Londoners’ stories, learn about Roman religion, and experience the original Temple of Mithras through an immersive light and sound experience.

The two-hour session aims to extend your pupils’ knowledge about Roman London, and encourage the development of observation, questioning and prediction skills. The experience allows for the use of most of the senses.