Past Events

Roman London Family Quest
8 August 2019

There are parts of Roman London that you can still see in the City of London today. Can you hunt them down? Join us for an exciting family day and go back in time to experience the city in the year AD 240 by visiting three unique Roman sites. Discover London’s Roman Amphitheatre, pay your respects at the Temple of Mithras and relax back at Billingsgate Roman House and Baths by the river. Visit the three sites in any order you choose and follow the provided walking map to guide you between the three locations.
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Earth Month: Mosaic-making
17 April 2019

To celebrate Earth Month, London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE hosted a family workshop to create art out of repurposed and recycled materials.

Meet the Author: 'The Time Travel Diaries' by Caroline Lawrence
10 April 2019
Families had the chance to meet Caroline Lawrence, the award-winning author, on the launch of her latest book ‘The Time Travel Diaries’, which features our very own Temple of Mithras!

Wear Roman for London Fashion Week
21 February 2019

On 21 February we hosted a fun and fashionable workshop to celebrate London Fashion week Roman style. Children dressed as a Roman then designed their Roman sandals and headgear to take home (or the catwalk!).

Celebrate Saturnalia
16 December 2018

Saturnalia, the most popular of Roman festivals honouring the Roman god Saturn. Families celebrated like Romans and made headdresses and soldier style helmets along with beautiful wax figurines known as sigillaria.

Spirits and Spooks of Ancient Rome
27 October 2018

Mystery Night with Roman Quests author Caroline Lawrence at a spooky #Museumsatnight event for families.

Family Event - Roman Pottery Making
26 October 2018

As part of our half-term activities, families had the opportunity to handle real Roman artefacts before making their own version of Roman pottery – an important part of daily living in ancient Rome.

City Giving Day
September 2018

In support of City Giving Day, Bloomberg hosted the Lord Mayor and led a Startup session in collaboration with several of our City neighbours, which included guided tours of the London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE.

Roman Beliefs - Amulet Making
August 2018

As part of our summer activities, 7-12 year olds handled some of the amazing artefacts found on site, before making their own Roman amulet to take home.

First Londoners - Family Workshop
June 2018

As part of London History Day 2018, the London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE gave the opportunity to imagine London’s Roman past like never before, with a range of different family activities including Roman sandal-making, pottery and writing tablet workshops.

Museums at Night
May 2018

As part of the Museums at Night festival, we hosted an evening event with children’s author Caroline Lawrence, reading an excerpt from her upcoming book, which features our Roman Temple.

Oral History Day
April 2018

To mark the anniversary of the discovery of the Temple of Mithras, the original visitors of the Temple of Mithras in 1950s took part in an oral history project to record memories of the original excavation.